Frequently asked questions and other information

Basic principles
MusicMan does not generate any library or playlist automatically. MusicMan does not use the file’s metadata (e.g. MP3-tags), but works with the names of files and folders exactly how you have them stored in your phone or SD card. Use integrated file explorer to navigate folders of your phone or the SD card, choose music files and create your own playlist. Then you can immediately start reproducing it, you don’t have to do anything more. However, you can store this so-called ‘current playlist’ for later use.

Playlists manager
Your playlists can be saved, named or renamed by using build-in playlist manager. Anytime later you can re-use them again. Just select the playlist you want, load it’s content which will replace the current playlist.

Our small video-tutorial
Few pictures often say more than a lot of words.
Watch a short video that shows all the main functions of the application in practice.

In case of problems (WP8.1 issue)
If you experience some problem with the application, give us a chance to make it right. Would be the best if you contact us either via the official forum or, where necessary, directly via e-mail.
Please look at a support page to know how to contact us.
If the application can not be run after the first install or update, please open any song in build-in Music application, close, and try it again. Second option is to restart your device.

Unlock all functions (FeaturePack)
Purchasing feature-pack directly from the application (in-app purchase) unlocks all the features and capabilities of the MusicMan. The application is usable without it, but we will be pleased if you appreciate our effort we put into the application and spend “one Czech beer” amount and contribute to a good cause.
Buying this package you:
• remove the limit of 16 songs in a playlist
• can save and load playlists without restrictions
• contribute a few bucks for a good cause (thanks!)
The proceeds from the in-app payments for unlocking all available functions is largely devoted to school for the blind in our Opava city. By this our company returns to this form, at least a small aid.