It’s generally known, blind people have much more complicated life than the rest of us, who can see everything around. Unfortunately, my son is one of such people, who never can see how beautiful is the nature around, the view which is common for us. He was born sightless. He was studying basic school in my town Opava, Czech republic – it’s a special school for blind children. And when he started visiting this school I decided, and my friends joined me, to sponsor this school on regular basis. We regularly sponsor this school by a small donations and money, everything according to the Czech law and under the contract.

Even the school is basically financed by the Czech government, there is still shortage of money for some very “basic” things like CD players or St.Nicholas celebration presents etc. etc. There still are children which cannot participate in some school trips or other out-of-school activities, because their parents have not enough money. So the last chance for these children, is to wait for some sponsor’s money.

You can also contribute – at least a little. The proceeds from the MusicMan in-app payments is largely devoted to this school for the blind in our Opava city. We will be pleased if you appreciate our effort we put into the application and spend “one Czech beer” amount and contribute to a good cause. By this our company returns to this form, at least a small aid.