For a complete description of the application and the list of all main features and options,
please read general information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Application MeteoStation is distributed only through the official Windows Store. Download links you can find below on this page.
LiveTile on the home screen shows current measurement of the selected station.
There are two variants of live tiles available. Normal, showing the finest detail measurements and simple tile that displays temperature only.
The application supports all currently available tile sizes.

System requirements
• operating system Windows 10 (PC/Mobile OS version 10.0.10586 and above)
• connection to the Internet for data updates
• Account of the NetAtmo service (sign up first or temporarily use a build-in Test account.)
Application is continually evolving – see information about new releases.

Translation and languages
If you want to see this application in your native language or improve current translation you can contact us by e-mail.
We would be happy if you can help us with correct translation.
All translators will get MeteoStation license for free.
Many thanks to translators
○ Filip Vukovinski (Hrvatski – Croatian) ○ FireGhost Dragneel (Français – French) ○ 张晓磊 – Zhang Xiaolei (中文 – Chinese)
○ Konrad Kwietowicz (Polski – Polish) ○ Steve Mantatzis (Eλληνικά – Greek) ○ Nycky Condoluci (Italiano – Italian)
○ Ariel Alejandro Colombano (Español – Spanish)○ Bernhard Usel (Deutsch – German) ○ Alex Durnea (Română – Romanian)
○ Йордан Цанов (Български – Bulgarian) ○ Pavlo Khromchak (Українська – Ukrainian)
○ Неизвестный Никита (Русский – Russian) ○ Janežič Iztok (Slovenščina – Slovenian)
○ Pieter Jongepier (Nederlands – Dutch) ○ Dániel Kun (Magyar – Hungarian)

Windows 10 Mobile
MeteoStation MeteoStation MeteoStation

MeteoStation MeteoStation


Windows 10 Desktop PC
MeteoStation MeteoStation

MeteoStation MeteoStation

Download recent version

You can download MeteoStation from the official Windows Store.
You can also download Trial version before purchase and play around.
During the trial period you can try all the features and capabilities without restrictions.
Recent version of the MeteoStation for Windows 10 you can download via link below.
What’s new you can see here.